Truck Licences

The Driving School, situated in Arundel, Gold Coast has been in the business of heavy vehicle instruction since 1999. We offer professional training in a fleet of modern air-conditioned vehicles for Queensland and NSW licences. Our first time pass rates are consistently above 90% which is well above the industry average.

Licence Classes offered:

” Licence in a Day” Training Courses are available for LR, MR, HR condition B (synchromesh / automatic) gearbox option and HC Licences

Whilst licence in a day for a HR or HC open unrestricted (road ranger gearbox) is an unrealistic goal for a beginner, average is 12 hours training, we can certainly organise a condensed training course over several days for you.

Condensed training courses are also offered for the MC (Multi Combination) Licences.   Practical training is done on a one on one basis (not in a group, using a sleeper cab)

  • HR to MC costs $2,200 (3 day course, $1,500 if assessed on day 2)
  • HC to MC costs $1,500 (2 day course)

Refresher training and on site assessment can also be done in our vehicles or alternatively in yours or your employers.

Lessons are available from Monday – Saturday from 6.00 am – last lesson goes out at 4.30 pm (mid pm on Saturdays).

We also offer training on Sundays for the MC and HR / HC condensed courses.

We are also able to offer practical driving tests on Saturdays from our facility in Arundel.

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